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An Extraordinary lady with an extraordinary challenge. By Ann O. August 15th, 2012

March 8th 2012, I went to the Emergency  Room. Why? I had a planter’s wart on the bottom of my left foot for about 2 years , which then I began taking care of it myself. Needless to say, big mistake! My foot became infected and I had to have my leg amputated (below the […]

Time is of the essence!!

I have this  engraved on the clock hanging in my office. As a Home care administrator I know this is very true for the patients we serve everyday. When you are sick, time is of the essence. Time either passes by too slow or goes by too fast if you only have a short time  left with […]

How to choose home health care: why it matters!

This is the first in a multi-part series on how to choose a home health care company. The later posts will go into detail about what you need to know and how to find out, but before I get into all of that I wanted to talk about why it matters. If you pump truth […]

Home Health Care Success Stories

Home Health Care Success Stories

Acclaim Home Health is raising the standard of care. The proof is with our patients. Judy Smith didn’t want to leave her home for a nursing facility. Recently discharged from the hospital after suffering from congestive heart failure, her status was touch and go. Along with her heart problems she also suffered from uncontrolled hypertension. […]