Skilled Nursing

Our Nurses assess your physical, psychological and emotional well being. They teach and administer your medication including I.V. Therapy, draw labs, treat wounds, do other teaching on medical conditions and their manager/coordinator for other disciplines.

Physical Therapists

Our Physical Therapists work with you to achieve your highest functional potential through exercise, modalities, use of assistive devices. They also can act as your case manager if a nurse in not involved. They treat you after a knee surgery, hip surgery, stroke, fracture etc.

Occupational Therapists

Our Occupational Therapists assess your ability to cope in your own home with activities of daily living. They assess how you function within your limitations and can provide needed adaptations to keep you in your home.

Speech and Language Pathologists

Our Speech Therapists work with you on Communications, Cognition and Swallowing difficulties.

Home Health Care Aides

Our Home Health Care Aides assist you with personal hygiene, light housekeeping and meal prep. They follow a plan of care developed by the Clinicians involved in your care.

Medical Social Workers

Our Social Workers support you and your family in identifying your community needs. They make appropriate community referrals.

Certified Wound Care Nurse

Our Certified Wound Care Nurse evaluates and recommends effective treatment protocol for our patients with wounds.